The Best Pickup-Basketball Player in America

The Best Pickup-Basketball
Player in America

I think those cultural references shape the extended profile by giving the reader a description of Mr. Allan Dalton and to tell the reader you’re not too old to have dreams. I believe the purpose this descriptive strategy serve is to let the reader know that Mr. Allan Dalton is a little too old to be playing basketball because of his age and his knee problems. Do I find it effective? Yes, because being a 51 year old man limping around all these different countries and cities trying to find a pickup- game to play is dangerous. Mr. Dalton had a very difficult time changing his career from “would be pro’ to an office worker. Basketball was his life, his dream, and his world. Even though his career changed, he never gave up on his dream. I really do think his background had to deal with why he diddn’t do pro. Was it because he was white? Or was it because he was 51 years old? Maybe it was both, but the look at Mr. Dalton dedication and hard work. He just looked at him from the outside and judged him based on how he looked. This article is similar to the article ‘The Last Shot” because they are both about these men trying to make it pro but are being judged on their backgrounds.
I really enjoyed reading this novel. It teaches me not to give up on my dreams no matter how old I am. No matter my background.