The Benefits of Pets in Care

Research Project

Measuring the Benefits
Companion Animals and the Health of
Older Persons


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Chapter 2
Project Objectives

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The Human-Animal Relationship
Animals as Pets
Animals used in AAA and AAT Studies

Research Findings: Positive Indicators
Physical Health
Mental / Psychological Health
Emotional Health and Well-being
Social and Community Health
Economic Health

Research Findings: Equivocal and Negative Indicators
Physical Health
Mental and Psychological Health
Emotional Health and Well-being

Limitations and Gaps in Current Research Methodologies

Investigator Recommendations for Improvement

Recommendations of this Review



Chapter 1

Chapter 2

The aims and objective of this project are:

The reason that I decided to do this particular project is due to the fact of having three dogs myself and I how they have had a personal and positive impact on my family and my life and a client of mine that I have had the pleasure of caring for just over 12 years now and how I have noticed the positive change in her personality and life with the introduction of a small rescue Jack Russell called Harvey.
I wanted to find out if having pets had the same positive impact on their owners and if in particular the physical, mental and general well being of the elderly and if this is the case how could I introduce this into the lives of others that I care for to enhance their lives too.

Chapter 3

Do pets have a beneficial impact on our health and well-being?
Children’s exposure to companion animals may also ease...