The Bemruda Triangle

Ryan Connor
April, 20th, 2010
Ms. Gonzalez
7th/8th hour
Three-Pointed Doom
Some people say that the Bermuda Triangle is a random coincidence. If this was a coincidence this was the most deadly and reoccurring coincidences of all time. Over 2075 ships and planes have disappeared in this triangle of doom (Lethurin, Vance). No one can honestly say that this many planes and ships can have disappeared just because of plain coincidence. There is an underlying mystery in this triangle that will possibly never be discovered in this odd stretch of ocean that has claimed so many lives.
The Bermuda Triangle is a 440,000 square mile stretch of ocean (“Bermuda Triangle”). All the points on the triangle are pieces of land. One corner is the island of Bermuda, hence the title the Bermuda Triangle. Another point is Miami, Florida. So as you can see the Bermuda Triangle is right off the coast of the United States, which makes this mystery well known to us. Finally, the third point of the Bermuda Triangle is San Juan, Puerto Rico (“Bermuda Triangle”). This triangle is placed at a spot that makes it unfortunate for America. Florida is a popular tourist state and Miami is one of the most popular cities in Florida. A lot of people visit Miami annually. The Bermuda Triangle is right of the coast of Miami. That means any tourist coming from the east of the U.S. is most likely going to pass through the Bermuda Triangle, which puts anyone who comes into Miami is at risk of this triangle of death. One of the most famous disappearances was this ship of the USS Cyclops it was very renowned and all over the news (“Bermuda Triangle”). Another famous disappearance was Navy Flight 19 (Levy, Joel).
The first person to document abnormalities in the Bermuda Triangle was possibly one of the most famous explorers of all time, Christopher Columbus (“Bermuda Triangle”). He said his compasses were malfunctioning and balls of fire were observed on the horizon (“Bermuda Triangle”). Considering he...