The Beauty of a Sport

Association football, which is generally known as football or soccer, is one of the most popular sports in the world, which spread rapidly from Europe postwar ages. Despite of the fact that it is played almost every country all over the world, the prestigious leagues still concentrate in Europe. Recently, Germany Bundesliga has emerged dramatically like several decades ago and the Serie A, Italian football prior league, has been highly competitive. Moreover, the Premier League and the La Liga, England and Spanish top leagues, respectively, have particularly been evaluated marvelousness due to their recent achievement of UEFA Champions’ League that is the highest competition in the world at clubs’ level. This essay will focus on the latter two, indicating their similarities and differences with the latest data so as to consider the future power struggle of football world.

The first topic shown is the mighty level of football teams. Judging from the latest consequence of CL, it follows that significant number of teams of both leagues correspond to the greatest club. According to the result of 2010-2011 season’s CL, three England clubs and two Spanish clubs constituted the quarterfinal, following that one of the formers and the latters survived in the last four. Finally, the Final in the Wembley consists of England against Spanish, Manchester United versus F.C. Barcelona. However, considering the average power of these two leagues, there is a wide difference between them. In England, it is considerably possible that weaker groups defeat big clubs whereas in Spain, it almost certainly do not happen since there exist too many disparities of strength. Furthermore, the Premier League seems to be absolutely complicated compared to what it used to be, for the winner can presently be assumed six or seven teams. On the contrary, only two teams, F.C. Barcelona and Real Madrid C.F, are definable as the winning team of the La Liga.

Another discussion remarked is the...