The Beast of Beast

Tyler Willis
Title: The Miracle on Ice
General Purpose: To Inform and Educate
Specific Purpose: To bring attention to the importance of American history and how the game of hockey affected America
Thesis: A day that would bring life back to the United States, and hope for many across a nation

  1) Introduction
      a) A time when cellphones were the size of a backpack and the internet was not available to the public yet.
      b) The night of Feb. 22, 1980,   a day many of us were not around to experience
      c) The game was Hockey and it was the winter Olympics, the abundant event that brought the world together for that instant in time
      d) The Soviet Union and United States were still heavy rivals due to their individual involvement in Cold War.
      e) A day that would bring life back to the United States, and hope for many across a nation
        i) Herb Brooks was the Coach of the United States team.  
        ii) The team was young at best with little experience but the heart of determination.
        iii) The Game known as “The Miracle On Ice”

  2) Coach Herb Brooks
      f) Background of Coaching  
            (1) In the collegiate ranks, Brooks led the University of Minnesota to frozen four championships 4 out of his 7 seasons as coach
            (2) In Brooks’ first season, he took over a last place team and took them to a Frozen 4 Championship in just his second year as coach.
            (3) In his 7 short years as coach he fashioned a 165-96-18 record with the Golden Gophers and became the only coach to lead a team comprised solely of American-born players to a national championship.
            (4) Prior to his coaching career, Brooks starred as a player at Minnesota, earning three varsity letters.
      g) Beliefs and Teachings of Herb Brooks
        iv) Brooks is quoted saying. "I think I put a lot of pressure on the players, and I had a lot of expectations of them. I didn’t give them an 'out,' and I think I...