The Band Room

When you walk into the room you can’t hear anything but the sound of roaring drums and screaming kids. As soon as you foot crosses the thresh hold your nose begins to itch from the smell of sweat and musky armpits. Just as it begins to feel as if a hammer is slamming you on the side of your head from all the noise you hear a voice yell out “BAND! HOPE, TAT, HOPE!” and all of a sudden to room comes to a complete pause. The drums roar comes to a halt and the wild screaming kids instantly become stiff soldiers; the room is silent and lifeless. The only sound you can hear is a faint clicking noise moving across the floor then a deep voice calls out “Everybody at ease. I’m very proud of you all. You guys did great job tonight”. These are the events of a typical Friday night if you’re in the Robert E. Lee High School Marching Band. After sitting in the stands and playing music during the football game the best part of the night is marching back into the band room to get dismissed. Although the whole band is ready to go home at the end of the night, we are all excited for practice to start again on Monday afternoon. Music plays a big part in all the band members life’s and the band room is a place that we get to express that passion for music. Without a doubt, the band room is one of my most favorite places to be.
One of the reasons the band room is one of my favorite places to be is because