The Atmosphere and International Environmental Law

The Atmosphere and International Environmental Law

In the past few decades the climate of our planet has been stressed by increasing energy demands that have arisen, because of the global population explosion and the expansion of industry. It is our objective to increase awareness about the international laws and regulations regarding the atmosphere. We can achieve this goal by:

- Mapping and understanding of: the relationships between atmospheric laws, and the relationships between the most prominent atmospheric treaties.

- Presenting the future, which involves a rise in global temperatures and the consequences of this change.

- Discussing the position of developing states, which requires an understanding that: developing states wish to be involved in climate conventions, but factions have arisen within the developing world about the extent of their responsibility and their relationship with the developed world.

- Finally, by understanding the role of developed countries and the problems they have faced in achieving organization: collectively, and with ...

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...he health of the general public. Instead of reactionary policy and treaties, which deal with existing problems, we need policy that aims to change behavior so environmental problems are eliminated before they are created(Sand 97).

In the future more international agreement must be reached which will involve cooperation between all of the states. The gap between states that was developing at Kyoto needs to be bridges if the world is going to make any progress with the many atmospheric and other environmental problems that it faces.

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