The Art of Overthinking

Nalin Koppikar                                                              
Ms. Carson

The Art Of Overthinking

      Have you ever kept yourself awake at night wondering “what if?” or “could I have done something different?” I spend most of my nights doing the very same. I stare at my bedroom celling or sometimes into space thinking back on events that took place in the past. For hours I would contemplate everything and replay all my shortfalls over and over. Eventually my mind exhausts and I dozed off. Overthinking. This is a term used by many people to describe this stage of self-loathing or self-doubt.

The way the mind works has always intrigued me, so I decided to do some research. As it turns out, I am not the only one with this problem, I am not the only one whose mind wanders like a child in a toy store. After reading several articles and countless blogs I came to a conclusion. Overthinking is caused by the minds self-conscious need to correct and fix everything. Some believe that this is a good thing and leads to people being more thorough and making fewer mistakes. On the other hand, I feel it causes a lot of sleepless nights and missed opportunities.

The art of overthinking is a two-step process. Step one is the moment where you either make a decision that backfires horribly or you don’t make a decision and someone else makes it instead of you. When you have made a decision to do something and it is a high risk high reward situation things could get a little tense. Say you finally muster up the courage, and ask out the girl you like. Finally when you do it she turns you down. Or on the flip side, you like this girl and want to ask her out. However every chance you get, you bail because you are scared of the outcome. After a while, this same girl gets asked out by someone else and again you are left stranded and without a clue what to do. Either of these could put you in a position in which you start to question yourself. This...