The Analysis of the Regional and Local Spa Market. Starting a Spa Business

Cristina Coloni┼čteanu, PhD Candidate

The current approach of the human health through a SPA Center is setting up a market
estimated only in US to be nearly $11 billion, up from $5 billion two years earlier. SPA
business is a growing field in Romania with more than 1 million SPA visits on established
businesses that are still not more than 15 nationwide, 65 percent of which were made to day
spas and it is estimated that the market will double during the current year, meaning the
Romanian market is very open for new spa owners.
In starting a Day SPA Business these aspects are very important: how to create a business
plan of the spa; how to conduct initial market research for the spa business; deciding what
services to offer in the spa business, with the following information provided for each type of
spa service: description of the treatment, benefits of the service, which spa staff member
performs this service, time needed to perform the service, materials and equipment needed,
approximate retail cost; licensing requirements for spas, choosing a name for the spa business,
start-up costs including start up budgets for both a small and medium sized spa, source of
financing the start-up of the spa business, choosing the location and dimension of the spa
Managing a Day Spa Business is a very hard task involving a lot of commitment being very
important: how to develop effective systems for running the spa business on a daily basis,
setting the spa's hours of operation, working with spa employees, to determine the staffing
needs of the spa, setting sales goals and keeping spa employees motivated, hygiene
requirements for spas, establishing a maintenance schedule for equipment, setting prices for
the spa's service and developing packages to encourage clients to buy more, developing
promotional materials to market the spa business, choosing a brand of...