The American Revolution Influenced the French Revolution

The American Revolution influenced the French Revolution in several ways. Not only were these two of the greatest Revolutions that have occurred they both proved to have affected   one another, without intentionally doing it. Both of these Revolutions had great impacts both then and now. The French Revolution was mostly caused by the disputes between the different social classes in the French society and their ideas in which to control the government. The American Revolution on the other hand was caused by the imposed taxes from Britain.
The American Revolution marked the end of the British and the beginning of the new self - governed America. The American Revolution began when the king of Britain sent colonists over to the new world to colonize in the first thirteen original colonies. Britain began to put taxes on needed items such as stamps, tea, sugar, and newspapers. This outrage began the rebellion of the Americans against the British. One of the first significant events of the Revolution was the well known Boston tea party.
The American Revolution, at least in the mind-set of the French around that time, allowed the citizens to throw out an oppressive monarch and his government and establish a republican form of government. Radicals in France believed that they could also throw off an oppressive monarchy and establish a government for the people rather that staying with a monarchy that failed to serve anyone except the aristocracy.
The Radicals under Robespierre and others decided to throw off the oppressive monarchy and establish a new Republic that would treat all citizens as equals. But, as with many despots, the Radicals refused to listen to anyone who disagreed with them. As such, any dieesnt was viewed as treason and the terrors began and thousands were executed. When the monarchy was overthrown and the Radicals formed a new government, it also became an oppressive entity, as opposition and dissent frequently ended with someone getting their...