The Alchemist

Rupinder Singh
Santiago’s Journey and Lessons
Santiago’s first teacher was Melchizedek, the King of Salem. Santiago first met him in Tarifa, where he tells Santiago about the Soul of the World and his Personal Legend for the first time. He appeared the day after Santiago had his dream about the Pyramids. Melchizedek inspired Santiago to sell his sheep, follow his dream, and achieve his Personal Legend. Santiago learned from the king the world’s greatest lie, which was that people have the free to do as they wish. He also learned the one great truth, “our deepest desire originated in the soul of the universe” (22). The old king advised Santiago to follow his Personal Legend because that was a person’s real obligation in life.
Finally, Santiago’s last teacher was the Alchemist. He was the most important character of them all. He was the symbol of knowledge in the story. Santiago met him at the oasis in Egypt. He was said to be over two hundred years old. The Alchemist said, “There is only one way to learn, it’s through action. Everything you need to know you have learned through your journey” (125). The Alchemist did not directly teach him anything; he just guided him and allowed him to learn for himself. The Alchemist taught Santiago about listening to his heart and reaching out for his dream no matter what the cost was. If he listened to his heart, it would lead him to his Personal Legend. He also taught Santiago about the Language of the World. The Language of the World was that everything spoke the same language. Throughout his journey he learned the language and was able to speak to the desert, the wind, and the sun. Just like Melchizedek, the Alchemist taught Santiago about the Soul of the World and that his dream was written in the soul of the universe.
The Alchemist, the most important character of them all, his role was a key symbol of knowledge in this story. Although very young the alchemist contained wisdom past his time. He also...