The Advantages and Disadvantages of Communicative Approach

What I have learned from my years at university  

How time flies! In a wink I am on a threshold of graduation. It is a good time to look back to my campus life and have a reflection on my most previous years in my whole life. During the four years, there are sorrows and happiness, ups and downs, and it is full of color and achievements. I gained a lot, psychologically and physically.

  To begin with, study at university equipped me with knowledge. Most people firmly believe that university is an ivory tower where we enrich our knowledge, improve our observation and learn methods. It is well known that it is an ideal place for learning, because there are numerous excellent professors and experts, both academically and practically. In addition, reading and study shape my inclination and associating with different people makes me grow mature.

  Besides, I learned that love alone can awake love. In the years of study, our dear professors have set good examples for us, their responsibilities, their carefulness and their detailed preparation of class, all of there rolled into one thing: that is their deep love to the course and us purples. Illness and bad weather can never easily wither their passion and enthusiasm. From them I for the first time have a clear understanding of our parents’ life and their greatness. This makes me think a lot about the meaning of life, and it lets me know that it is the contribution not demanding that values.

  What’s more, I learn from our classmates to be considerate and thoughtful. They never let any details of others students’ unhappiness and troubles slip from their fingers. When you are in a tight corner, they will give you their hands and help you out, which give you warmness and happiness. It is in college that I know the sense of true friendship. It is the place where I learn how to deal and share with my friends; a place where I learn to be more grateful to my parents’ hardworking. I tried my best to be nice to my...