The Action Programme 1968 Czechoslovakia

30 APRIL 1968
To The Committee of the Czechoslovak Communist party

In regards to The Action Programme which has been drawn up by Comrade Kolder and colleagues, we the party should be justly optimistic. As the plan includes, the current political climate of Czechoslovakia is in great need of restructuring. The programme, as felt by the communist party, correctly identifies areas within our society and culture as requiring modification in order for the communist party to thrive not only in the socialist world but also in the wider world.

According to the programme, alterations within our society need to be made in segments such as our economy and cultural ways of life. Firstly, our cultures and traditions must not be malformed but transformed and disciplined in keeping with the communist party’s goals and ideals. The suggestion that adjustment within our way of life must begin with the education of the young has been made, improving schooling to embrace our collective principles, which is the finest way to go about things as the minds of the youth have not yet been tarnished with diseased ideas and memories. But let the older generation not be forgotten, says the plan. Under the terms of the document, there is to be a “greater amount of candid information”   to be available. The abolition of censorship will appeal to the non-party members as it allows a trust between the party and the people. Economic changes have also been proposed. Although economically Czechoslovakia will now be travelling at a slight tangent to the Stalinist model, in order to become a powerful industrial state we must open our doors to world trade as we do not currently posses the wealth needed to do this within our country. This may come as an unwelcome shock to those who believe in a totalitarian regime but it is felt that the Czech and Slovak people will greet this opportunity with open arms. On the other hand, some of the guarantees made regarding employment are somewhat implausible...