The 10th Malaysia Plan

THE 10th Malaysia Plan to be launched shortly will complete the unveiling of the "four pillars" that embody the government’s policies aimed at making Malaysia a high-income nation.

More importantly, together with the four complementary values, they constitute the government’s core philosophy with the ultimate goal of fostering national unity.

The 1Malaysia concept — based on national unity, ethnic and religious tolerance; a deeper appreciation of our cultural diversity, and greater government efficiency and responsiveness  is the path that can lead to political stability, economic growth and social enhancement for all Malaysians and for our country as a whole.

As Malaysians, we have a   vital role to play in helping to realise the nation’s aspirations and visions. Without unity and loyalty to the nation in a diverse country like ours, all our efforts to achieve a better life for our  
citizens will be futile.

There is a need for all of us, be it at the highest level of authority or at our individual and community levels, to treat others with absolute impartiality and fairness.

We need to accept and live in peace with each other, show-ing concern and respect for and interest in all people, regardless of their status or inherent differences.

We must specifically develop a spirit of love, kindness and generosity towards the needy and less-fortunate as well as those lacking facilities, resources and opportunities among our people, including those struggling for survival due to disability, or being widows, orphans, aliens and the aged and the destitute.

In our homes, at work and at play, as well as at local and national levels, we should practise by example and encourage among our younger generation the quality of perseverance and self-discipline, the pursuit of excellence in all academic, occupational and professional endeavours, the attainment and recognition of quality, and most importantly, the value of humility and integrity.

Let us guard...