Thank you Ms. ____ and a very warm greetings to fellow Toastmasters. I’m glad to be one of the speaker here today sharing random ideas and information. Before I introduce my subject may I see a show of hands on how many of you knew what is ‘thantophobia‘ or has it? Thank you. Now, in a simpler language, who has the fear of death or dying? Tough we all knew that death is a universal phenomenon, anywhere around the world a considerable amount of people afraid of death or dying. This is simply due to fear installed in our young mindset and influences of mass media which ha exploited our generation’s mindset as death is an ultimate mystery. Thantophobia is due to three factors, fear of facing the unknown, fear of facing it alone and fear of facing judgement.
Death has always been an extremely powerful and biggest unknown. Our generation regards death as terrifying, simply because obviously none of us have gone through death. Each religion has their-own definition of afterlife, but our ignorance has left us blank. According to a research note on death, after the World Trade Center 9/11 incident, millions of entry on Google search net was revolving the topic of death. My recommendation to overcome the first factor of Thantophobia will be to look into the concept of death and afterlife, base to your own beliefs and religion.
Stepping into our second factor, now imagine yourself walking alone on a dark street. I bet you will be very doubtful about your own each and every step. Am I right? Compared to be surrounded by hundreds, left alone is a terrifying prospect to us. Thus, resort to your own beliefs again, always remember that there’s one person who are there to love and care for us wherever we are destined for. Bear in mind that we are taken care by Him.
Being judged by others is a fearful event for most of us. That is why I consider fear of judgement as our third factor of Thantophobia. What do our Christians friends does? They stand before Him, give an account...