Texting While Driving

Running Head: Texting While Driving

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Dorothy Jones

Post University

Texting While Driving

The Issue of whether drivers should be prohibited from using mobile phones while driving

Texting while driving is very dangerous it causes other people injuries. People sometimes think they are able to do more than one thing at a time. When you are texting on your phone you have to take a second or two to look down on your phone to read what the next person lave written. Once you do that you have take your eyes, and mind off what’s important. We must remember we just don’t drive for ourselves we drive for everyone else as well. So that’s why we can’t let texting on the phone or anything else to distract us.   Sometimes when texts come through on your phone sometimes they are in different kind of moods.   It s very physiologically distracting for instance while driving drivers can read bad news such as death on one of their relatives and after that is difficult to concentrate on driving . They cannot notice traffic lights or other signals. They are much more interest in what they have read that what is going on the road so it is likely to cause an accident. Also their connection can be cut off and while trying read from the opposite site it’s impossible to concentrate on driving.
As a matter of fact some people have been killed since texting has been created. When that is done you can become a road hazard to innocent by standers.   Lauran Spencer (ABC News) (Voiceover) a teenager charged with homicide because prosecutors say he was texting when he crashed and killed a 55 year-old driver. Prosecutors contend Deveau was not paying attention when the cars collided. Police say he received two messages, one at 2:34p.m and a second at 2:36. “Aaron Deveau then asked if anything happens to one of them if one them passes away, what would happen to me.”   So yes it is drivers of automobiles should be prohibited from using mobile phones while driving....