Computer Hardware Technical Specification Form
# Owner’s Name System Make Model Serial number CPU Make Model Clock speed (Mhz) form factor ID Ext. co-pro. present RAM Total present (MB)
no. Number Type of of pins [ i.e. parity / EDO / other] ↓ Format

Colin Campbell EC1407715

Hardware Specification


version 2.0.0
IRQ & mem.

Chip numbers ATA/SCSI ver
max cachable RAM

SCSI ID serial number CD-R / CD-RW / DVD / DVD-R make model revision firmware rev. cache size chipset read transfer rates multipliers (X) read PIO mode 0 1 also known as ATAPI/SCSI ver SCSI ID serial number

features ethernet address serial number





std's supported PCI__ / ATA__ / AGP__ / and version USB__ / SCSI__ type size (MB) L2 cache RAM other… Pipelined Burst on-board in module

Size numbers on (MB) chips

Motherboard make model revision / PCB revsn. components video sound bus speeds running at m/brd RAM bus speeds capable of m/brd RAM ATA CNR PCI LPT ISA COM9 Bus / feature COM16 connector, number of AGP PS/2 and version (where SCSI 1394 AT applicable) EISA USB VL IrDA parallel port modes SPP EPP ECP bus mastering modes cpu socket type RAM sockets & no. 30 72 168 L2 cache formats on-board socket ACPI__ power man & version APM__ Real Time Clock Hard disk controller Form factor AT ATX Serial number Motherboard Chipset Make model / nick revision (c) Copyleft

Hard Disk (s) make 1) 2) model name model number revision size (MB) firmware rev. bus PIO mode capable of DMA mode currently hds sctrs drive geometry cyls hds sctrs CMOS settingscyls ATA/SCSI ver features disk to sustained transfer rates buffer to various various
host rpm buffer seek time read channel

write write 2 3 rewrite 4 5

Monitor Make Model Revision type CRT TFT-LCD non TFT-LCD characteristcs screen 'size' (") d.p.i.(mm) Max resoln. Khz KHz (multiscan) Frequency radiation...