PSY 232: Educational Practicum

On-the-job training is a very effective tool to make students experience what it is like in the real setting. It serves as an efficient immersion wherein students will be able to feel first-hand the work and responsibilities of someone in that position in the real setting. Educational Practicum has taught me that an educational institution does not fully focus on teaching but rather producing well-rounded students. This subject, for me, is very relevant to my course, Psychology, for it gave me the sense of getting to experience all that I have learned inside the classroom.

It really takes much balance to survive my practicum responsibilities and academics. However, I found my practicum very enjoying for it somehow relieved me from the work load of academics. The things that I need to accomplish for this subject were very reasonable and attainable. Every single day that I work as an OJT trainee makes me discover new things. It is also through this subject that I learned to get along well with other people whom I barely even know before. It served as a tool for me to conquer my fears of getting resented or rejected for I learned to respect what others think of me. The job itself has made me more efficient in working because of the very tedious and sometimes, routinary tasks asked of me. I have learned to get away with my very lax personality. My educational practicum has taught me to be hardworking and patient. Whenever I get to talk with the institution’s students, I discover that I can be of help to other people. Helping out with their problems, even how big or small they may be, is great contribution and relief on their part. Though the job is very taxing, I found it very helpful in understanding more what I’ve learned in school. Technically, this subject is very relevant to my course since it paves way to a deeper learning in the real sense. Its applicability to my course is very evident for it supplements the lessons...