Sunshine + Size Boutique: Marketing Plan 2

Branding Strategy
Sunshine’s + Size Boutique had an exciting and productive year. Since opening, we have managed to capture a strong loyal customer base even though we did not have a brand yet to entice our customers to visit the boutique. Within a year S+SB was able to achieve the first year’s budget predictions. Thankfully we were able to get through the first year without any financial lost, but now it is imperative to focus on branding my products so that I can stand out from other boutiques. Branding is so crucial for products and services especially when sold in huge consumer markets (Marketing Management, 2013). S+SB is not in a huge market as far as boutiques are concerned but as far as retail, we would be.   Preparation and understanding that your brand strategy conveys your competitive positioning to life and just how it will work to positon you as a certain “something” in the mind of your prospects and customers (Marketing Management, 2013) is why the following information will be diligent and precise.
Branding strategies are created for primary target markets. Creating the brand that fits the right product will create new customers and keep loyal ones purchasing products from my boutique. S+SB brand strategy will strongly work on promoting the brand name, work hard to expand customer loyalty. Consistently look for creative ways to revamp the online source as well as the social media outlets. S+SB strategy also includes brand extensions such as S+SB “FiT” wear which is our brand of workout clothing that will be presented in November 2016 (Fall Explosion). This will expand my clientele and also create an increase in my secondary target market. Which I predict will do well, currently society’s need to get healthy and fit might help my secondary target market by offering trendy workout attire for women of size.
Brand Name
Brand names are crucial to any company or business. If you’re going to create a...