chipKIT™ WiFi Shield Reference
Revision: July 17, 2012
Note: This document applies to REV C of the board.

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The chipKIT™ WiFi Shield is an interface
board designed for use with Digilent’s chipKIT
line of microcontroller boards such as the
Uno32™, uC32™, or Max32™. The chipKIT
line is a family of microcontroller boards based
on the high performance Microchip PIC32
family of microcontrollers.
The WiFi Shield makes use of the Microchip
MRF24WB0MA WiFi module and provides
chipKIT microcontroller boards the ability to
connect to and communicate via IEEE 802.11
compatible wireless networks.
The WiFi Shield is intended for use with the
Digilent network libraries, DNETcK and
DWIFIcK, available for free download from the
Digilent web site. These libraries make use of,
and include a custom version of the Microchip
Applications Library licensed from Microchip.
The WiFi Shield also provides a micro-SD card
connector for use with micro-SD flash memory
cards. The chipKIT MPIDE SD library can be
used to read/write files stored on the micro-SD
Features include:

IEEE 802.11b-compliant RF transceiver
serialized unique MAC address
1 and 2Mbps data rates
IEEE 802.11b/g/n-compatible
integrated PCB antenna
range: up to 400m (1300 ft.)
radio regulation certification for the
United States (FCC), Canada (IC),
Europe (ETSI), and Japan (ARIB)
Wi-Fi certified (WFA ID: WFA7150)
micro SD card connector
four LEDs

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chipKIT™ WiFi Shield Reference Manual

Functional Description
The chipKIT WiFi Shield provides IEEE
802.11b support for embedded applications at
data rates of 1 and 2Mbps. It is compatible with