Tesco Essay - Employment Relations

Analyse the strategies used by TESCO that can be used to achieve AND measure effective employment relations.

Tesco is an international retailer and relies on effective employment relations in order to remain profitable and also to maintain the wide skill base of all those employed. As a Transnational Corporation Tesco needs to be able to adapt to the various markets and be able to manage employment relations across all markets effectively.

The Strategies that can be used include the use of Communication Systems which involves the use of grievance procedures, worker participation and team briefings. Rewards are another strategy as well as the Use of Training and Development and the use of Flexible working conditions. These can be measured by the levels of staff turnover as well as the absenteeism, the levels of disputation, the quality and the benchmarking.

Focus of Tesco’s operations will be the United Stated and the United Kingdom as both are large markets and show the potential and the employment relation practices of the company. The two sides of Tesco are somewhat remarkable in the local market Tesco is known as a reputable company but this is almost the opposite of how Tesco is seen to behave in the international market.

Communication Systems are an important strategy in effective employment relations. Well developed communication systems allow for senior management to communicate their goals and ideas to employees clearly. The use of communication system also extends to employees; Employees can better share their useful contributions and ideas. Employees are able to feel part of a team so their job satisfaction and motivation will increase which leads to higher productivity. Finally the use of Communication systems allows for efficient resolution of problems which can avoid prolonged conflict in the workplace.

Tesco’s grievance procedure is listed as an Informal Discussion followed by Verbal and written warnings eventually ending in dismissal....