Tesco – an Expanding Giant

Will Tesco take over your lift?
1. Sum up the facts about Tesco as to
• Number of countries they operate in: 13
• Number of UK stores: 1,800
• Number of employees worldwide: 350,000
• Estimated profits in 2006: £2.5 Billion
• Future plans: To expand to the US.
• Product ranges: Food, Clothes, Health, Petrol, Financial services, Home & Garden, entertainment, telephone & Internet and Funeral services
2. Why do so many people find Tesco appealing?
- They have the cheapest prices around
- You can buy everything: Groceries, clothes, music, entertainment products, electrical goods and furnishings.
- They have opticians, pharmacists and insurance salesmen.
- They are getting involved in every market these days.
3. Explain why Tesco can sell their products at the cheapest prices around.
- There are several reasons:
o They employ fewer staff than the same number of smaller business
o They have enormous buying power
4. Explain what a Clubcard scheme is. Do we have such loyalty schemes in Denmark?
- It is a bonus scheme where the costumers recive rewards for every pound they spend in store.  
5. What are the advantages for Tesco of operating the Clubcard loyalty scheme?
- That the information they become is sent to a mega database that gives Tesco a customer profile of almost every UK household from their choice of products and this information they can use to develop their marketing strategy
6. Why do some people criticize Tesco?
- Because they bribe local councils if they’re refused planning permission. If that doesn’t work they pursue endless appeals which local officials can’t afford to fight.
- They have been accused of hoarding land to prevent rivals from setting up shop near by.
- They have reduced their prices so much when they open new stores that they were driving small rivals out of business
7. How does Tesco answer the critics?
- That he understands that people want reassurance that their success has come at a fair proce, and not at...