The terrorism research center : An efficient   “ terror’s fence “ ?

                TRC. This acronym would remind few people about its signification. Still, millions of people use it unconsciously. the Terrorism Research Center is an independent institute dedicated to the research of terrorism, information warfare and security. The TRC has provided core expertise in terrorism and counterterrorism. Its “success” and efficiency mostly rely on scientific information. A network of counter-terrorism, linking several governments from Europe, North-America and Australia, allows the TRC to produce a number of independent studies, including a comprehensive overview of US policy, strategy, programs, and budget to combat terrorism. The TRC conducts numerous customized open source training programs for the military, law enforcement, intelligence and corporate clients. When does a company or any sort of organization judge important enough to work with the TRC ? How does the TRC satisfy the customers’ needs in terms of security ?

              Let’s imagine we are totally ignorant about this company. What shows us the strength of the impact of TRC? The TRC operates a public web site that has received over 8,000,000 hits per month and is used by researchers worldwide. It is linked to over 5000 sites on the Internet and has been cited as a source by CNN, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, Foreign Policy, Terrorism and Political Violence, Newsweek, NPR and numerous other popular news media, professional associations, and academic journals and books. Global media web sites such as CNN.com, as well as Official US Government web sites, regularly list the TRC as a sole private source for online information. Those online information make the TRC trainings as efficient as possible.
              The Terrorism Research Center has trained thousands of military, intelligence, law enforcement, corporate executives, first responders, and...