Terrorism and Islam

In simple terms, terrorism means the use of force or threat against a person or group or country. It is the burning question of today as there is a global wave of terrorism around. Terrorists of all races and creeds are active individually or collectively, locally or globally in selling death destruction horror harassment and insecurity.
Though global war against terrorism has been afoot since the destruction of American world trade center on September 11, 2001 the monster of terrorism is still very much there.
Almost all agree that widespread terrorism is all due to unjust global, political and economic system. Poverty, frustrations, injustice, cruelty, exploitation, sectarianism, religious, militancy, state-sponsored terrorism, double standard of super powers, paralyzed UNO, and trouble spots like Kashmir, Palestine and Chechnya. The oppressed exploited and frustrated ones want to punish certain groups and countries in their own way and hence resort to terrorism. Unless the above mentioned causes are removed terrorism can not be rooted out. To blame a certain group or to make some country escape goat in the name of ending terrorism is only a wild goes chase. Is America not doing the same? Hence better sense must prevail to combat and remove terrorism effectively. Honest and impartial approach of big powers equitable global system distinction between freedom movements and terrorism solution of trouble spots end of exploitation, poverty and injustice effective and impartial UNO and the policy of live and let live are the keys to end global terrorism.
Unfortunately American and European electronic and print media have launched poisonous propaganda against Islam and Muslim world. The Muslims are being branded extremists, Fundamentalists, fanatics and dangerous for world peace. The so-called war against terrorism in Afghanistan, Iraq, Occupied Kashmir, Palestine and Chechnya is being called war against Islamic extremism. Why is the Muslim world main target?  Have...