A research on how Chinese impact on English vocabulary
                                Li Long
Abstract: With the development of China’s national strength, Chinese is more and more popular in English-speaking countries. As a result, a lot of new English words were created. Why Chinese can influence English vocabulary and in what way does it influence English are my topic.
Key words: reasons, new English words, Chinese, influence
English has borrowed words from more than fifty languages in the course of its development. There are a large number of English words that borrowed from Greek, Latin and French. Nowadays, another powerful language is exerting a profound influence on English vocabulary. That is our mother tongue, Chinese. The article tries to undertake at this point shallow wanted analysis and evaluation. Reasons why Chinese can influences English Vocabulary English belongs to the Low West Germanic branch of the Indo-European family. In ancient time, it is rather difficult for Chinese to influence English vocabulary. But now, thanks to economic globalization, Chinese is increasing the number of new English words. 1. The development of China’s national strength. With the development of economy, china’s international status has enhanced a lot. Chinese is more and more used in different areas such as international trade, politics and so on. An increasing number of English speakers are getting used to Chinglish. For example, “one country two system” is such a new English word which means “一 国两制” in Chinese. 2. The uniqueness of Chinese. China has an extensive history, spanning several thousands of years. A lot of ancient Chinese is difficult to be translated into English. So a lot of proper nouns are created. Such as Confucianism(儒家思想),Four Books(四书) and Five Classics(五 经). 3. A worldwide fever in learning Chinese. As Chinese is becoming a popular subject, people want learn more about present-day china through the learning Chinese. English needs to adopt...