Television is becoming popular day-by-day. A look at day’s programme on the television would convince anybody that it is a very useful machine. It instructs as well as delights the viewers. Its programmes include children films and shows, feature films, news’ and views, speeches, debates and discussions by experts, important interviews, sports, matches, beauty contests and short plays etc. A television programme caters to all interests—the young or the old, the rich or the poor, the kings or the paupers. A television viewer sits riveted to his set for hours on end as the beautiful sequence of entertaining programmes passes before his eyes. The television-viewer finds himself transported into a different world full of beauty, charm and glamour. The cable TV has placed within man’s reach the best of the TV programmes anywhere in the world. Today one is in touch with the affairs of the whole world and one feels he is a part of the entire universe. Television broadens a man’s outlook in life and makes him a citizen of the world.
Some of the programmes on the television are highly educative. Programmes for the housewives, health education programmes and the school broadcasts are playing an excellent role. Experts in household affairs teach the housewives how to keep their houses in order, to prepare the best of dishes and to run their households in an efficient manner. Specialists in various diseases teach people how to take care of their health. Similarly, experts in the field of education are called upon to deliver lectures to students so that they can have the best of guidance from the experts.
Colour television has also been introduced in the country. More and more programmes are now being relayed in colour. Video cassette recorders arc also fast becoming popular in the country:.
Television, however, has its own demerits. That is why it has been nicknamed’ idiot box.’ First, it is a health hazard because it has a bad effect on the eyes. Secondly, it creates its...