Space Telescopes
People have always had the curiosity of the world beyond us. One thing that has had people talking is space. The wonder of what really is out there. What does help ease our minds is the research scientists are doing now. All by space telescopes; three major telescopes are the Chandra, Spitzer, and Humble. They are sent into outer space to send back images of the universe.
One of the three telescopes is Chandra. Chandra was launched on July 23, 1999. Chandra is designed to observe x-rays from high energy regions of the universe, such as the remnants of exploded stars. One example of accomplishments is Chandra’s x-ray image of NGS 6240.
Spitzer space telescope was launched on august 25, 2003 from Florida’s cape Canaveral air force base. Spitzer observes infrared radiation, spitzer also features many innovations never before used on a space mission. Some things they want Spitzer to accomplish is to find dust stellar nurseries, the centers of galaxies, and newly forming planetary systems. An example of an accomplished mission is in infrared picture of DR22.
The last of the telescope is the Hubble. Hubble was launched April 24, 1999. Hubble is designed to detect ultraviolet light to infrared light with high tech technology.

Telescopes being a new technology are/will be always advancing over time. The Huibble iis one great work done by the developing technology. We as the people of this great   plant get a new view from space. Readings and changes can be seen from space not seen here on the ground. Every so ofrne an new device will come along the changes the world forvever in a new lin of thinking.