The objective behind making this report is:

1. Product and Service Distinction
2. Service Evaluation


We for fulfilling the above objectives selected services provided by telecom industry. We closely examined the telecom services which we use on regular basis.

1. Product and Service Distinction

Services are perishable
This term defines services cannot be stored, returned, reused or resold once these services are availed. In the case of telecom industry services like data pack has limited validity, prepaid recharges, and text messages all are for limited period thus it proves services are perishable.
But in the case of the product (Vehicle) they can be reused, stored, resold, and returned.
Services are inseparable
Service are always manufactured after they are sold. This characteristic of product and service distinction does not apply in the telecom industry, if we take example “There are some places like high altitude regions, huge dessert areas where Vodafone by itself does not provide service and there by provides services through network of other companies like Idea, BSNL.”
Hence the service provider and customer can be separable in this case and are not always inseparable.
Services are intangible
Purchase of services does not lead to transfer of ownership.
As far as the sim card and customer care centres are concerned they are ought to be tangible but it’s the ownership of company, and it just helps for the process of availing the services.
Whereas if the customer buys vehicle, it is tangible and automatically becomes owner of the vehicle.
Services are variable
Telecom services offers variety of services in terms of both pre-paid and post-paid plans. They have variety of plans for call, internet and text messages and have other packages. They provide services in terms of time period, considering the price to the customers, and plans for collective services too. For every service they offer, they have different plan...