Teens Texting

Texting and Its effects on Teens
Texting and the affects it has on teens is a big issue that we have in America. Text messaging, or texting, is a trend that lets you send instant messages to another person from your phone to their home or cellular phone. It is an easy way to tell someone something if you are unable to call them. Teens also say texting is more comfortable than talking on the phone because it is quick and private (WOAI). I can agree with teens on this because I don't know what I would do without texting. I don't get to see all my friends everyday ,and I don't have time to call them all, so texting really helps me stay in touch. Even though texting is the new trend, it can cause many problem for teens like a distraction in school that can cause falling grades. In addition to that, teens can get themselves in a serious accident or in trouble with the law.
In today's age of technology texting is the new thing to do. Texting is the most popular way to communicate with your peers. When you text it helps communicate with people that are a long distance from you or if you don't have time to call them. If you are an adolescent and don't text it may cause serious issues to your social life, because it seems like everyone is texting. What they don't realize is what it can do to your future. In 2008 Verizon did a study that showed   the American teenager sent and received an average of 2,272 text messages, that is almost 80 messages a day (Hafner). With teens texting that much I don't see how they make time for anything else. Studies show that teens text almost once every minute. This many texts can causes a lack of concentration that cause low or failing grades. . Greg Hardesty, a reporter in Lake Forest, Calif., said that late last year his 13-year-old daughter, Reina, racked up 14,528 texts in one month. She would keep the phone on after going to bed. Mr. Hardesty wrote a column about Reina‚Äôs texting in his newspaper hoping to educate people about...