Teenagers Today Have No Use for Love Poetry

Hello classmates and sir. Teenagers, in today’s society, have no use for love poetry. Love poetry is a type of literature which specifically about feelings of love and is usually very passionate. However, love poetry is not commonly used by teenagers because it wouldn’t be taken very seriously, it is too passionate for typical teenager standards, and that teenagers prefer to express their feelings in a more comfortable way.
Though love poetry is a very strong and romantic way of expressing feelings, but teenagers today wouldn’t take it as serious as it was before the 21st century. How would YOU react if you received love poem from an anonymous person? The majority of adolescents wouldn’t take it seriously and think that the sender was crazy. This is because the expressive language
used is not commonly used today. The type of language used is the prominent reason why teenagers don’t use love poems in their lives. Furthermore, the usage of expressive language links onto my second point, that the passionate language is considered overboard with the current teenage standard. The type of language used in love poetry is very passionate, slightly obsessive and express a large
quantity of desire. Language in love poetry can give mixed feelings. An example is John Keats poem “Bright Star”, in line 10: “Pillow’d upon my fair love’s ripening breast”.   Do you find this quote slightly perverted? And would you use this quote or a similar phrase in YOUR own poem? Hundreds of years ago this was considered romantic, but to modern day
teenage standards, this would be classified as outrageous and overboard. Moreover, as society develops, there are more convenient and comfortable ways for young adults to express their love. The modernised way of expressing love for teenagers, is through text messaging, sending messages on Facebook or emailing, talking through MSN or Skype
and daytime outings to place like the cinema, shopping mall and a theme park. Even though these methods...