Teenage Problems

Problems faced by Today’s Teenagers

The world is nothing like it was fifty years ago. Just as the number of cars, computers and other products of the Technology Age have skyrocketed, so have the multifarious problems facing teenagers. If you have not noticed this drastic change, then you must have been living under a rock.   According to a recent Gallup poll drugs, smoking, and drinking alcohol are the most important problems facing teenagers today. In addition to these life threatening activities, teenagers are also faced with peer pressure and ‘fitting in’, sexual issues like teen pregnancy or STDs, and violence. Although it may not be as devastating as the issues mentioned above, lack of education and opportunities are also huge problems faced by today’s teenagers. Many people think these problems are destroying our children, but could ‘bad parenting’ also be a problem faced by teenagers.
Most parents are too concerned with filling their pockets and their social lives to realize that their children face life threatening decisions just about every day. The decision between going to a wild party and not going to a wild party can be a matter of life and death. Did you know that about 2000 teenagers die from ‘partying’ each year? That is 2000 possible difference makers we lose each year. If this rate increases the world’s youth population will plummet. Although what teenagers face have a lot to do with the environment which they live in, do not be bamboozled into thinking that your child is safe. The crackbrained notion that “This won’t happen to my child is” is what causes the death of many teenagers. Hiding in those beautiful, luxurious homes behind those golden gates are evils that tempt teenagers to do wrong. The appealing hands of sex, drugs, friends and alcohol lure children from the protecting arms of their parents out into the deep, dark troubles of the world.
If you think that the drugs are simple as they were years ago. You would be mistaken. Crack,...