Teenage Heartthrob

A few years ago, Justin Bieber was my world. Everything I did and everything I had revolved around him. However, this was the case with a million other teenage girls. Considering Justin was my world, it was almost the best day of my life when I learned that I would soon get the chance to meet him. The first best day being when I actually met him.
It was the very beginning of May when I found out that I was going to get the chance to meet Justin on the set of The Bethenny Show. My step mom knows a friend that is an employee of The Bethenny Show and was able to get my step sister and I tickets and that is how the opportunity came about. When my step mom presented me with this surprise my heart just about dropped. I immediately started counting down the days until June 26th.
As June 26th was rapidly approaching, I’m getting more and more excited each day. Before I knew it, the day was finally here! I could not be more excited or anxious. In my brain, I’m going to get there and win Justin’s heart over and we will live happily ever after. With that being my dream, I am in the process of getting as pretty as I possibly can. As soon as my step sister and I are looking absolutely fabulous, we’re headed to the Warner Brothers Studios in Hollywood. After what seems to have been a lifetime, we are sitting in our seats at The Bethenny Show stage. Patiently, but anxiously, waiting for Justin to make his appearance.
Before Justin comes out, Bethenny has to open her show and what not, so it is just making the experience that more intense. Finally, I see his beautiful face peek around the corner, and I, along with the rest of the audience, go completely insane! The moment I have been waiting for. I am in absolute shock and completely speechless. That smile was so memorizing. The whole reason he is a guest on The Bethenny show is so she can interview him, so they get right into that. I could not stop staring at him the whole time he was being interviewed. During one of the...