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Heather Grover
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Proposal for Teen Pregnancy

  A. Topic

  1)   Research Question: Is teen pregnancy a real issue? And does it affect our economy and the future generations?

  2) Working Thesis: Teen pregnancy has declined dramatically in the Unites States, but we still remain the highest compared to other countries. Still remains a huge cost to tax payers.

  3) Angle: Teen pregnancy not only becomes a money issue, teen pregnancy leads to poverty, health issues to mother and child. It raises domestic violence issues also. What are teen’s missing? What are we not teaching our daughters?

  B. Context

  1) Issues in teen pregnancy that are not being dealt with can lead to teens killing their babies or giving birth in high school bathroom stalls. Teen pregnancy cause big hits to tax payers.

  2) Myself, was a young mother. I had my son at the age of 18. I have personal experience with this topic. I will be using sources from expertise also. NCSL,2015;Guttmacher Institue,2015; powered by state.net.

  C. Audience

  1) My primary audience will be teen thinking of becoming pregnancy so they can see the statics’s and real life chances not a TV show. Mother that have teen daughters will also be primary audience.
  2) My seconfa
  3) My secondary audience will be everyday tax payers and people who have a general concern for the future of our children to help be better parents to our teens, of what is lacking to make teens want to be parents.

  4) I hope my writing is good enough for my audience to understand my stance and the point in preventing teen pregnancy how it leads to many other issues.

  D.   Evidence

  * Research Collected so far

I found there is money being funded to help teen moms with parenting class and help to further their education. More money is being funded in the schools for sexual education.

  * Research to be...