Use It and Abuse It, Because It Will Always Save You
    Writing papers can be a drag especially when you need to have prodigious research built into it, and have reference to make that research resilient. As individuals we have a lot of powerful technology and resources that can help make our job easier and professional. “Easybib is an online tool that helps you create citations in MLA, APA and Chicago/Turban styles. With EasyBib you can create a works cited list and parenthetical (in-text) citations” (EasyBibWritesmart). EasyBib is also a great technology for research it not just make your life easier but helps you step by set on how to create a great enquiry. As a university student bibliographic management system is useful for conducting secondary research because it benefits in many way to establish research that we need to expand our knowledge. As well as it’s a program we all need to thrive, because making a bibliography is not so easy, and with technology like Easybib it makes it possible to create an excessive work cited page without being nailed for plagiarizing, it saves your work and you can go back to your references and fix what you once saved. Throughout this paper I will guide you through a voyage of bibliographic management; what great things it brings, positive outcomes of using it, who uses it and the values of it. As well as why Easybib is great and what are the pros and cons of this technology. Bibliographic management is something you will make your best friend and will never stop abusing it.
          Easybib is a program that was established by high school students Darshan Somashekar and Neal Taparia which are now graduates of Brown University and Northwestern University (imagineeasysolutions). Easybib came to the minds of Somashekar and Taparia when they had a research paper due in their high school. Writing the papers for them was not the hard part but coming up with a work cited page was what made them tear out their hair. It came up...