How to build a Leadership Program
Tammy Hoadley
Grantham University

In any great business performance is always a key issue. In the following short paper we will discuss one of the key tools used in improving performance. To have a great business you need great leaders as well as a path to develop them. We will cover areas involving the steps and ideas behind a leadership development program and why the program is so beneficial.

How to build a Leadership program
    To build a leadership program we must first understand that there is never a “cookie cutter” answer. What works for one business may not work in another. It all starts with really understanding the business.
    Prior to any creation it would be beneficial to gather information about the business you are consulting with. Reports available to you that would provide this type of information include; the annual report, internal business plans, prior attempt documented involving leadership development and any internal or external websites. Gathering this information should be done PRIOR to talking to upper management. Basically, do your homework!
    The next step would be to interview your power people. Interview the head of HR, the CEO and other key executives and thought leaders. It is important to not take no for an answer when it comes to these people because they are who you need to impress in order for the program to succeed. Often you will find that CEO’s and top Executives enjoy the idea of being involved and will take a personal interest in the program from the start.
    Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Ask about the business challenges, implications of the leaders, perceptions of the skills gaps, bench strength and find out what is already in place. Find out if anything has ever been tried before and if it has determine how successful it was or why it failed.
    As you start to develop some ideas, use this information test your assumptions and never dismiss...