In the 1970’s technological advances began developing around the world. Few technologies were introduced to society like the computer which was used for space exploration, and cars and Video games. Other advances in technology brought about the invention of microwave ovens, cassettes and tapes. It was believed that the world only needed few computers for it to function but instead they now fill up entire rooms, and even fit in the palm of your hands. As technology developed during the years, it affected society by changing our norms and values and even in work and school. It has provided improvements in machines for numerous industries which provide food and essentials for society. It has helped with farming by helping the farmers harvest their crops within a day, otherwise one week by hands. It has also improved general awareness of society. Radios, televisions and internet are very important achievements in today’s society and encourage people to stay informed about various news around the world. Therefore technology has improved the lives of people around the world, and fields of development. The most negative effect of this is that everyone’s social life now revolves around technology through computers. Social networks like facebook, twitter and instagram are of great concern because the generation’s social life, relationships with others and their concern with the environment is not even entering their thoughts.
Technology in school is in demand in today’s society. By using computers in schools teachers are able to impact knowledge onto students much easier. Technology has impacted on education in that information is easier to access, there is a greater interest in learning, storage for information, presentation of information is better and more interactive and knowledge is imparted easily. The use of...