Technology Trendy Communication

CheckPoint: Technology Trendy Communication

I believe that businesses do effectively use the technology resources that they have to communicate. This technology helps to increase productivity as well as save the businesses money. The technology these days provides businesses with instant communication with the easy click of a button. An example on how technology is used effectively within a business would be social-networking tools. Having this allows the employees to communicate more freely with fellow employees as well as being able to post links, blogs that allows the workers interact on a personal level. Many businessmen and women use PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistance). PDA’s allow the user to send/receive email, access the internet, use a word pad to write business plans, proposals, etc, and they also even make phone calls. I have noticed that these past few years technology has reached a major peak in how we communicate with one another. A major new thing that I have noticed is the use of telepresence. These are high end video conferences which is a virtual meeting on a TV. “These video meetings can occur across different time zones or between different nations instantaneously.” (Locker & Kienzler, 2008)Portable media players help employees stay connected, even when they are not working. Portable media players will be given to employees that help to broadcast main stream videos and audio. They may also be given to employees with recorded meetings, product information on new items that a business is making, and even announcements.

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