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Technology Report

The following report is an assessment of a clinic located in a small community forty five minutes north of the Twin Cities.   Stacy Clinic is located in town, and the clinic has been open for a year. Currently, the clinic has thirty five employees. The report will cover the key technology elements of the Stacy clinic such as secure and effective intranet, legal and regulatory compliance, privacy of patient information, data storage, business continuity, and disaster recovery. Following the report will be a 10 slide presentation covering the technology elements.
Effective Intranet
Currently, Stacy clinic is operating without an effective intranet system. If an intranet system is created, the system will improve turnaround time for patient and employee information. Currently, communication within the office and other locations is done via memos, phone, e-mail through the internet, and faxes. Communications through fax creates and overflow of calls at the front desk. As a result, calls are not returned and faxes are misplaced and not given to the correct individual. Having an established intranet system in our clinic will allow employees to retrieve the information in a timely fashion and send the information to the correct individual with a speedier turnaround time. Currently, our office has a system where patients can ask general questions about the services we offer. We cannot use this system to keep patient records because the security is poor. As a result, our patient records are not confidential. Creating an intranet system will also be faster than using the internet.
There are three elements of an effective intranet; telecommunication, hardware, and software. Each computer has hardware associated with it, which are input devices that take data humans understand and translate the data into offs and ons or zeros and ones. The processing unit defines the data, output devices hold the information in...