Technology on Accounting Profession

The development of information systems through the years has made it easier to perform accounting tasks. Software has been created to assemble the data entered and fill it in to reports built with the help of the accounting professionals. There is a down side to the inclusion of information systems n the accounting field however, it has allowed for people to become lax and inaccurate with the preventative measures built into these systems. But overall the benefit to the systems far outweigh the negatives, because it allows people to submit more data in a timely fashion then was previously allowed. In the car business these systems are a life line that has made the business run more smoothly than the previous method of a paper run system. Information at a touch of a button is the world we live in and being able to have easy access for both the business and our customers is a big deal.

We rely on the IT department to keep our information safe and secure for the business and its consumers. With the progression of the criminal element on the internet procedures and protocols have to become stronger and more secure, a basic fire wall just isn’t enough any longer. The possibility of breech is something the software designers take into account when creating the programs, but they also suggest certain safety protocols that will work best with the system being implemented. Having a capable IT department in place from the beginning of building the network for the company is a beneficial choice. In doing so the IT manager can create a system that can be built upon in the future when necessary.

” Accounting information systems generally consist of six main parts: people, procedures and instructions, data, software, information technology infrastructure and internal controls.”1
All of these things must align in order for the company to benefit from information systems. Information systems make it easier for people to learn accounting basis on the job. But they...