Technology Interference Diminishing Socialization Skills Observational Essay

Drew Dickerson

Technology Interference
Diminishing Socialization Skills
Observational Essay

Throughout history we as a society have taught ourselves to learn
The ways of communication as well as, the intricacies of appropriate behavior with the nuances of eloquent interpersonal relationship skills, that defines who we are. In this age of rapid technological advancement, a rift has been growing; separating our desires to be social with one another in respectful face to face conversation. With the advent of the mobile devices, that we are made to feel that we cannot live without, we have begun to in a sense digress. We are quickly becoming a society of almost anti-social beings. The PDA’s, cell phones, tablets, WiFi devices and laptop computers, have made our lives completely mobile.
There is no need to be tethered to a corded land line phone, or working in the cubicle spaces, of the business world. Technology has offered us the easy of connectivity and the ability of performing business and life functions almost simultaneously. The separation of personal time and business time is all but nonexistent.
The technology is causing an array of problems from Car accidents related to speaking on a phone and driving, to misunderstanding’s between people, because a text message was interpreted the wrong way, and even poor job performance, due to the lack of focus, that focus that is drawn into that mobile device. The communication of the world went from face to face meetings, phone calls and flights or long rides to a business meeting, to being replaced with mobile devices. The board room replaced with net meetings, the paper documents became electronic correspondence that at a push of a button or voice command can be sent instantly to every employee of a company.
The unseen to all of this is the rapid decline of social skills, relationship skills, verbal communication, and public speaking. The effects of this mobile technology are even being seen in the...