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Technology in Business

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In a multinational company like Aramco Corporation is one that rectifies its many challenges and problems as soon as the very possible as maintaining the image of a flawless corporation is vital and essential to a growth and standard of a company. Nonetheless, a flawless image does not mean that there is no room for improvement for there is always and it is statistically proven that there is always room for improvement.

A huge company like Aramco is not one that is fueled only by oil but by human beings. These individuals are essential to the smooth running of a company, thinking of ideas and ways to improve, solve day to day problems that arise and produce products that satisfy the needs of their customers.

That is why maintaining the motivation and morale of the employees in the organization is very important. That is why from the way that one can see are that there are certain aspects in the organization that can be improved that these solutions are going to be thoroughly explained in this report.

The first room or improvement that would have the biggest positive impact would be implementing the usage of videoconferencing instead of sticking with the audio conferencing for reason that is devotedly explained below.

Video Conferencing

International and domestic meetings in today’s companies mostly are done using audio conferencing, in other words connecting all participants in a meeting to one phone line if the participating individuals are unable to meet at a certain place. That is where the video conferencing system takes its role. The videoconferencing system that is being proposed in this report is the Cisco Unified Videoconferencing system.


Cisco Unified Communications system was developed for organizations and service providers that want a reliable, easy-to-manage, and cost-effective network infrastructure for videoconferencing...