Technology for the Children as User, Bad or Good?

Technology is very important for us. It can help us to do something and make it easy. Technology has many benefits for our life, but it can contribute to make some negative effects. The negative effects of technology have some effect on children’s interaction. It can make the children are isolating from the reality, hindering communication and perpetuating the concept of immediate satisfaction.
Technology has negative influence on us because it separates children from the reality. The child tries to make “his own world” with the technology for lack of good communication with others in the reality. The child thinks that his virtual world is more interesting than the reality and it is more comfortable. In his own world, he can make everything that he wants to do. According to him, it is his real world, because in his world he will be the subject. It is mean the child can control all of the situations and makes it depend on his creativity. It will cause his relations with the others in the reality disturbed.
The other negative effect of technology for the children is hindering personal communication. It is because the children think that his world is more interesting than the reality. Because of that, child’s relation in the reality is hindered. For example, a child in a family thinks that his relation in his facebook and twitter is more interesting than his relation with his parents. It makes there is no interaction between the child and his parents. When there is no interaction each other, it can cause the intimacy in the family will be broken.
Technology negatively affects us by perpetuating the mind of immediate satisfaction. It is the important think that very dangerous for the children. Technology can make them become a lazy person because they are lazy to think and do not have a struggle action. It also contributes to make plagiarism. The children always do the simple ways by searching everything in the internet and copy-paste it. So, it will make the...