Technology-Boon or a Bane


Technology plays a very important role in all of our lives today. We cannot begin to imagine a world without the benefits of technology. Right from our morning coffee to staying in touch with family across oceans , everything is possible today thanks to the advances made in technology. Needless to say , it has it's drawback as well. The old proverb " You can't have your cake and eat it too." comes to my mind. This would best describe the situation we are in today.

The extensive use of technology in our day to day lives has led to a gradual decrease in the quality of life that we are leading today. Individuals from older generations tend to be more physically and mentally fit when compared to individuals from the present generations. I for one have observed y grandma who at times eems to have way more energy when compared to me. As surprising as it may seem , it's true.

Another issue being the increase in cancer detected individuals , it has increased in huge numbers when compared to the previous generationsThe reason being the increased exposure to radiations from microwaves , cell phones and a whole host of other technology driven devices.

Whether technology is a boon or a bane is upto s to decide. We get to choose the extent upto which we wish to make use of what is available to us.Though it may seem like a difficult decision o make , moving away from the herd , so to say , it's for the best!