Technology: Air Canada Takes Off with Maintenix

Case Study Questions

1. What problem does Air Canada hope that Maintenex will solve?

The Company need to improve its information system. Air Canada technicians used different and old legacy softwares packages for working and these software weren't able to interact with one another or with finance and inventory systems. Inefficiencies of these systems   costs Air Canada the time of its engineers and the money that could have been used on maintaining its plain instead of needlessly maintaining excess inventory. Summarizing Air Canada would like to improve its efficiency and productivity using Maintenix. Maintenix provides an integrated software, reducing in this way costs   and time, helping Air Canada   better achieving its targets.

2.How does Maintenix improve operational efficiency and decision making?

Maintenix can improve operational efficiency and decision-making, providing a web based system easily deployed to all stations around the world. This web based software can reduce time and costs avoiding reducing repetitive tasks and time chasing missing or incomplete information by allowing maintenance, engineering and finance divisions to share information. The system could also send data to the company existing enterprise resources planning and financial software and this can be very useful to reduce the decision making process. The wireless deployment of Maintenix also make it more efficient because aviation technicians equipment and part are always on the move. So using this wireless system hey can be informed and share data wherever they are. The biggest advantage of Maintenix is that all the information provided by the various modules are located in the same place. This feature allows an easy and straightforward retrieving of information for all stakeholders involved and consequently a faster decision making process based on shared knowledge.