Technolgy Are We Too Dependent?

Are we too dependent on technology?
Technology has made a huge impact to society as well as the means of communication between one another. As a result of our communication becoming so easy, we have grown more anti-social.   Internet and television, the twenty-first century has become consumed by these two relatively new forms of media.   Devoting more time to one or both of these two creations more now than ever before, the American public is rapidly coming in from the outdoors and finding the technological marvels of the twenty-first century.   Now more than ever television and internet are a major part of people’s day to day lives.   The American Society is straying away from their roots as a nature loving community and becoming a community dependent on technology. Are we too dependent on technology?
If comparing stories told by my father about his childhood to those of my childhood, only one generation apart I noticed big differences. The stories by my father were about how he would entertain himself and spend his days. With only a few channels on the television at certain times there was much free time, with that time he would play outside, play with friends, or spend time with his family. These stories really had me thinking of how much society has changed, but has it changed for the good or the bad?

As seen in Harvard studies by M Kenney, U Von Burg, this generation today is watching twice as much television per week than their parents did.   Now there is the Internet time too, which is still consuming more of us than TV did our parents as well. Not only are these studies saying that we are consumed by tremendous amounts of television and Internet per week, but it is also saying that as generations pass we are becoming more and more dependent on television for entertainment.
Upon reading “The Internet-Everything Bad is good for you” written by Steven Johnson, Johnson tells us of the many great technologic aspects in society, such as how with...