Technical Communciation Methods and Practics

I learned diverse cultures is increasing. The United States has a melting pot of races in this country. More increasing number or people growing is South Asian people and Hispanics. The population is the growing problem people communicating with those who do not speak English as their primary language. For example, there was a lady that use to babysit when I was young. She was   from Puerto Rico. Spanish was always her first language. She spook very little English. Her daughter had to translate English into Spanish all the time. She had to wait on her citizenship for a long time. The funny part about it is she was a older lady, waiting for about 4 years for her citizenship. Her and her husband Pedro was nice to me always. What I found useful is someone helping a person who cannot speak no English. There are cruel people, but you have people who do not mind helping others and speak in their language. The interesting part about is so many come to the U.S without a green card and live in this country for 15 to 20 years, cause there family was born a U.S citizen.
The most challenging that I see or hear is law enforcement not helping the disabled. There are thousands of disabled people. Usually the officers must use the next most acceptable methods of communication; written notes. The officers notes have to be clear and legible. Some are not trained and they are not educated enough on how they live and travel on their own. I think this year they should have the ability to take a class and understand sign language. It would be a formal way to understand them better. What I think is thought provoking is some law enforcement don't have a care in the world about ADA which is American Disability Act. They do face unique issues that give them less opportunities to understand the Act and rights they deserve.