Tears for Laura

Tears for Laura                                      
     The wind blew strong into my face, like fists of a boxer hitting me in a boxing ring as I struggled forward on to my old, rattling tricycle...with all my belongings.   Belongings, it is such a strong word! What exactly do I have? A dirty old tarp with old newspapers, trash, bottles, and cans underneath. I used to own a lot, used to have everything I ever wanted. Now I think back to my past, I regret for all the things I have done, to myself and especially to her…
The first moment I saw her, her eyes were of sea colors and glistened with beauty. From that day on, I swore I would cherish her with all my heart.   It was a bright sunny day, with birds chirping, and soft wind blowing in my hair. I brought my book to the park next to my apartment, hoping to finish reading the last few pages of The Stranger I Married by Sylvia Day.   An hour later, I find myself asleep on the bench with the sun shining brightly in my eyes. My head felt heavy, as if someone tied huge rocks around my neck. While putting myself back into shape, I saw a young lady walking in my direction. She had long brown hair, with sea blue eyes.   
She came up to me and gently said, “You have been sleeping for almost two hours, you might catch a cold lying here.”  
I was surprised she even noticed me, so I replied her politely, “Thank you for caring, so you have been watching me all these time?”  
“Well, I used to come down here every afternoon to do some reading at this very bench, I didn’t want to disturb you, so I sat at another bench for you to wake up,” she said gently. Her beautiful voice was like soft summer wind at the beach.   I wasn’t shy to ask for her name or phone number, because I knew I would never met a girl like that again. We talked and talked as if time had stopped, and the world just contained the two of us.
I never knew what love is, I didn’t think that dreams would come true, until I met her.   What a remarkable feeling that...