Performance Management Plan
Marnice Gaston
November 10, 2014

Performance Management Plan
This week I am working with Atwood and Allen Consulting with the small business Landslide Limousines.   They are looking to put together a performance management plan for their organization that will help them excel in the industry they are in. The client needs this week are to recommend what is needed for the plan and to make sure that it is aligned with their organizations plan for success.   I analyzed the following to meet the needs of the client this week addressing skill gaps, measuring employee skills, identifying each employee skills, and delivering effective feedback are goals for this week.
Small business owners want employees to perform at optimum levels, especially when they are cross-trained. Normally small businesses have one person doing several different job functions.   For Landslide Limousines having 25 employees you will know what it might just be one person   doing payroll, data entry, operations director, and even answering the phone taking bookings. You want to be a position that you are evaluating the employees to make sure the skills that they have are being utilized correctly.   You do not want a person that is not comfortable with math making sure that payroll is right.   Appraisal or evaluation measures performance in areas such as employee’s technical skills or skill set, interpersonal communication, motivation and productivity. (Mayhew, 2014) Training in a small organization is very important because you have to make sure that your employees understand the mission, vision, and value of the company.   During training you want to inform your employees they will be evaluated often to make sure they are giving the client the best service possible. This industry has a lot of competition and best customer service wins.  
Evaluations will consist of performance appraisals, productivity test, and 360-degree feedback.   These...