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Information Management in Healthcare

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“Discuss the impact of Information as a vital resource for effective provision of healthcare in the chosen organization Lambeth PCT”

In the following assignment I will be discussing how information is vital for my chosen organization Harringay Primary Care Trust
“Information is data and the manipulated and processed form of data is called information. It is more meaningful than data. It is used for making decisions. Data is used as input for processing and information I output of this processing.”[1] People, software, hardware, data, networks are the components of an information system these components have a huge impact of the effective provision of Harringay pct.
A resource is a factor of production for example it is good for producing goods and services. People use it as a source something they use in time of need. It is   a major element wish makes the healthcare system effective which helps making decisions. Information can be viewed as the method that brings together the interacting components of the healthcare system and it provides the connecting strand between members in a corporate health organization, between organisations and between individual service uses and the service providers.

Healthcare is important for everyone, so healthcare information resources will help you make the best decision for family or company. Provisions and management of healthcare resources can be a major zone of conflict and tension, due to the constant striving to provide the best possible healthcare. It is a truism to point out the vital role of human resources, the estate and other physical resources, and consumables, in successfully delivering healthcare. Finance does not itself deliver healthcare, but it is the essential means of mobilizing and motivating the other resource providers.
      Together, these expensive and scarce resource commodities provide the means by which the health...