Team Leadership

Team Leadership
Markus Horne
November 10, 2013

Team Leadership
In this paper, I will be discussing a scenario where I have been placed in a manager’s position of an organization. My manager tells me about a new department the company will be adding in order to enter a particular market segment. The task given to me is to manage one of the teams in that new department. The team has already been selected by my manager and consist of the three members from our “team A”, they are Tanya, Serena, and myself as the manager of the team. It is important that the goals set by the organization are efficiently accomplished in order to be successful in the new market segment and my manager wants me to develop a leadership approach based on the theories of leadership, identifying each team member’s individual personalities by using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a popular approach to classify personality traits.
The purpose of using the MBTI and to learn about our personality type, is to understand ourselves better. We are trying to find out about what motivates, uplifts, and energizes us, so we can find opportunities in life that are suitable to the way we are. Understanding and recognize our own predispositions will help improve our relationship with each other and will increase the ability to monitor and control our own behavior around others. In addition, knowing the personality types of your team members can be used to improve communication, and the working environment, for the reason that the team can build open-mindedness, acceptance, and understanding. The goal is to bring the different personalities together and find a balance in working as a team. I have evaluate every member in my team including myself, based on the personality assessment tool MBTI. (Robbins & Coulter, "Chapter 18, Control process," 2012).
My first team member Tanya is identified as the four letter code “ENFP”, one of 16 different personality types. Her...